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ESSLLI 2012, Opole, Poland
The Fourth Meeting of the GLLI
prof. Suchoń

The meeting held at Blue Auditorium of Collegium Maius of Opole University on 15 April was opened by Prof. Urszula Wybraniec-Skardowska with the words, “Today, our meeting with Professor Wojciech Suchoń of Jagiellonian University is taking place at a special moment, when Poland is facing a peculiar logic of her history, when we are observing national mourning, when we all are shocked by the tragedy that occurred in Smolensk – professors, students and members of the Group of Logic, Language and Information.
Also, just a few days ago Professor Stanisław Kochman – a former Rector of our University – passed away. His accomplishments lie at the foundations of the activity of our Group.
Let us pay our homage to the victims of the tragedy, who departed. Let us honour them with a minute of silence.”

Then, Prof. Janusz Czelakowski, preceding the main part of the meeting – the lecture under the title Logic as seen by logician delivered by Prof. Suchoń and the presentation of the lecturer’s scientific profile – said, “Our meeting today is devoted to vital and serious matters, it deals with logic – a discipline lying at the foundations of scientific cognition. Logic allows us to move in the world, investing our actions with sense. Thanks to it the world does not appear as a chaotic and shapeless universum of beams of impressions and experience. One can say that logic is a method of approaching a hidden order of the world, exposing its internal order. We often say about the so-called cognitive activities and their sources. Logic examines when these cognitive activities are reliable. The very logic itself does not establish truths about the world in the form of scientific laws like, for instance, laws of gravitation. Logic, despite the well-known limitations, is merely an effective tool of approaching the truth. We will learn more from our outstanding guest, Prof. Wojciech Suchoń of Jagiellonian University.”

Professor Wojciech Suchoń delivered his entrancing lecture relating to what contemporary logic is, the goals for which logic is practiced and the three research fields proper to logic (syntactics, semantics and pragmatics). The full text of the lecture is available here.

The lecture was followed by a discussion in which such themes as: logic as something that is common to human beings, colloquial language, colloquial language vs. literary language, the need for a logical analysis of literary language, as well as development of the very logic itself, were undertaken.

In the second part of the meeting, which was of seminar character, and which was held in the Plafond Room, Dr Marek Krótkiewicz, Eng., and Krystian Wojtkiewicz, M.A., Eng, of Opole University presented their project of a certain semantic base of knowledge. In their presentation they discussed the basic notions connected with its structure and construction (ontological root, metalanguage, and semantic lattice), the domain area, in which the project can be situated, and also certain aspects of modeling, linked to the project of the base.

The delivering of the paper gave rise to a discussion concerning the presented project and its various aspects: logical, information-related and linguistic.