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ESSLLI 2012, Opole, Poland
The Fifth Meeting of the GLLI
prof. Jadacki

On 20 May 2010, the Blue Auditorium of Collegium Maius of Opole University, was the venue of a lecture delivered by Professor Jacek Jadacki. The lecture entitled What is semantics and what is it for serves was organized within the Golden Series of Open Lectures under the auspices of the Rector of Opole University.

Professor Piotr Wieczorek, Vice-Rector in charge of Scientific Matters and Foreign Cooperation welcomed the lecturer of the day, Professor J. Jadacki, on behalf of the University authorities, the whole academic community and his own.

Professor Janusz Czelakowski thanked the Vice-Rector for the welcoming speech and drew attention to the fact that the lectures within the Golden Series of Open Lectures have become a stable element in the history and tradition of Opole University. He stressed that thanks to the lectures organized within the series we have had an opportunity to meet various representatives of the Polish and world’s science. Moreover, Professor J. Czelakowski added that Professor J. Jadacki’s lecture was writing in the scientific problem area developed by the Group of Logic, Language and Information, which was set up in January and organizes monthly lectures delivered by outstanding representatives of sciences.

Next, Professor Urszula Wybraniec-Skardowska presented the silhouette of the lecturer – an outstanding musician-pianist, philosopher, logician and continuator of the tradition of the Lvov-Warsaw School.

In the main part, Professor J. Jadacki delivered his lecture, in which he indicated and discussed three meanings of the word “semantics”:
(a) Semantics as a theory of relations occurring between the language of a given theory and the domain of this theory;
(b) Semantics (semantics of a certain theory T) is the domain of theory T;
(c) Semantics (semantics of a certain theory T) is a theory of the domain of theory T.

After the lecture and subsequent discussion, Professor J. Jadacki met representatives of the University authorities and took part in a meeting-seminar of the Group of Logic, Language and Information. During the meeting references were made to some themes included in the “golden” lecture.