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ESSLLI 2012, Opole, Poland
The visit of a delegation from Amsterdam

On 23-26 January 2011, the Opole Group of Logic, Language and Information (GLLI) hosted a group of representatives of the Standing Committee of the European Schools of Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI) from Amsterdam: the President – Professor Paul Dekker, and Professor Sophia Katrenko. The purpose of the visit, the so-called site-visit, was to verify the compliance of the data included in the project of organizing the 24th ESSLLI School’2012 in Opole, which was submitted by the Opole GLLI, with the real conditions on the spot; the project itself had already been initially approved by the Standing Committee.

The visit began with an official meeting with Professor Piotr Wieczorek – Vice-President of Opole University in charge of Research and International Relations, with the participation of persons managing the Opole GLLI – Prof. Prof. Janusz Czelakowski and Urszula Wybraniec-Skardowska, as well as Prof. Anna Pietryga – appointed to be the Local Co-Chair of the Programme Committee ESSLLI’2012 in Opole. During the meeting the conditions of mutual cooperation, as well as support on the part of the Opole University authorities were established as regards the organization of the School in Opole in 2012.

Prof. P. Dekker handed an official document to Prof. P. Wieczorek, assigning the task of organization of the ESSLLI to Opole University and to the appointed School Organizational Committee recruited from the GLLI. The ESSLLI will be held between 6 and 17 August 2012.

After the talks with Vice-President Piotr Wieczorek, the guests met with the members of the GLLI. Significant and concrete establishments concerning the organization (for the first time ever in Poland) of the European School of ESSLLI in Opole were made.

The next day of the visit of the Delegation of the Standing Committee was devoted to making inspection of the facilities of Opole University and Opole theatre, that is venues of the ESSLLI (lecture halls and meeting rooms, facilities and rooms in students’ dormitories, large halls for open evening lectures, etc.). There was also a meeting arranged between the delegation and the management of Informatics Centre of Opole University, who offered to the School participants a free access to the wireless Internet within the University campus.

The members of the Delegation from Amsterdam visited also the following places: a) the complex in Kamień Śląski near Opole – designed in the project to be the venue of the ceremonial meeting and party for the lecturers, organizers of workshops of ESSLLI’2012 and invited guests; b) the place located in Opole, where a party for all the participants of the School is planned to be held.

All in all, the visit of the Delegation progressed in a warm, cordial atmosphere and delineated precisely the tasks to be carried out by the Organization Committee of ESSLLI’2012 in Opole, recruiting from the Opole GLLI and including the following people:

  • Prof. Janusz Czelakowski,
  • Prof. Urszula Wybraniec-Skardowska,
  • Dr Edward Bryniarski,
  • Dr Zofia Kostrzycka,
  • Dr Joanna Napiórkowska,
  • Dr Robert Sochacki.