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ESSLLI 2012, Opole, Poland
The 11th meeting of the GLLI
prof. Skowron

On 12 April 2011, invited by the Group of Logic, Language and Information at Opole University and the Head of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of Opole University, Professor Andrzej Skowron of the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics of Warsaw University, where he holds the post of the Head of Group of Mathematical Logic, came to take part in a meeting and deliver a lecture at Opole University.

In room 20 of Collegium Civitas of Opole University, at 12.30, the meeting open to public began, during which the guest delivered his lecture entitled Wisdom technology.

Following a short welcoming speech made by Prof. Prof. Janusz Czelakowski and Urszula Wybraniec-Skardowska, the floor was taken by Prof. Wiesław Szwast, Director of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, who presented the scientific silhouette of the lecturer of the day.

In his lecture, Prof. A. Skowron discussed the most vital trends in building intelligent systems of high quality. The central significance falls to technology of equipping the system with the skill of apt judgments founded in the triad: interaction, adaptive judgment, base of knowledge. This is the so-called Wisdom technology, Wistech in short (a more detailed discussion of it is contained in the attached slides).

Perfectly documented, developing many themes, the presentation delivered by Prof. A. Skowron met with a great interest on the part of the listeners. Unfortunately, Prof. A. Skowron's short stay in Opole did not permit to hold a broader discussion following the lecture. Still, there was a series of valuable comments in it offered by the guest with respect to the state and prospects of Artificial Intelligence.

After the lecture, there was held, in compliance with the customary procedure, a meeting with the lecturer with the members of the GLLI, in which Prof. A. Skowron answered a number of questions with reference to his lecture.