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ESSLLI 2012, Opole, Poland
The 16th meeting of the GLLI
prof. Piłat

At 12.30 on 8 November 2011, in Room no. 20 of Collegium Civitas of Opole University, there was a meeting held with Prof. dr hab. Robert Piłat of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The meeting was organized by the Institute of Psychology of Opole University and the Group of Logic, Language and Information (GLLI). The lecturer of the day, Professor R. Piłat, delivered an open interdisciplinary lecture under the title On Representational and Probabilistic Models of the Mind.

After a short welcoming speech by Professor U. Wybraniec-Skardowska and Professor Janusz Czelakowski of Opole University, the latter presented the scientific silhouette of the invited Guest.

The lecture itself dealt with two competing types of models of the mind. The first of them refers to representations of the mind, whereas the other one – to the dynamic properties of mental processes which can be described through probabilistic spaces of states. The dynamic models of the mind considerably restrict the application of the notion of representation.

While making a presentation of each of the types of models of the mind, the lecturer discussed their advantages and drawbacks, as well as differences existing between them. The differences were presented using the example of the model of visual perception, which makes references to the phenomenon of scanning the optical area. In the conclusion, the lecturer drew the attention to the need of finding a new model of the mind that would combine advantages of both of the above-mentioned (competitive) types of models.

After the lecture there followed a long discussion with reference to the subject of the lecture. Then, in compliance with the accepted tradition, there was held a meeting of the Guest with members of the GLLI, during which the discussion was continued.