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ESSLLI 2012, Opole, Poland
The 28th meeting of the GLLI
prof. Maciaszek

On 8 April 2014, Dr Janusz Maciaszek of the Institute of Philosophy of Łódź University was the guest lecturer, having accepted the invitation of the Group of Logic, Language and Information of Opole University. During the meeting, which was co-organized by Opole Branch of the Polish Philosophical Society, Dr J. Maciaszek delivered the lecture entitled Some arguments against non referential semantics. The meeting was held in Room no. 15 of Collegium Civitas of Opole University at 89 Katowicka Street.

Following Prof. Urszula Wybraniec-Skardowska’s short invitation of the guest and the participants of the meeting, Prof. Janusz Czelakowski presented the scientific profile of Dr Janusz Maciaszek and invited the latter to deliver his lecture.

In his lecture, Dr J. Maciaszek made a presentation of the problem area relating to referential and non-referential semantics. He discussed questions connected with the genesis of referential semantics and pointed to difficulties which such semantics generate, indicating arguments against both some selected and all referential semantics. Next, the lecturer mentioned two non-referential semantics which he presented in a closer way, making reference to the conceptions of Ajdukiewicz and Quine. He then discussed some drawbacks of the presented semantics.

Finally, in the discussion that followed the lecture, some interesting themes connected with the problem area dealt with by the lecturer of the day were developed.